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Case study - exploded view

Product photography arrives in all shapes and sizes at the Thetford studio, one Norfolk client asked to have a product photographed as an exploded view of the three segments of their unit.

The first stage was to photograph the unit complete and then to photograph the three segments and then scale them accordingly, the three layers were then merged to hover over each other.

Finally all layers had their backgrounds removed to a transparent layer which allows coloured backgrounds to be added to your artwork and designs.


Case study - product rotation

360 degrees views of product photography is popular because the viewer can easily see an item from many angles without having to mouse click on multiple images.

The number of frames in a rotation can be specified as can the time it takes to fully rotate.

Keith offers this service at his photography studio in Thetford, and for small products on location too.

Please call for further information.

Case study by Norfolk product photographer


Case study - before / after

Our Thetford based client needed commercial photography to show the difference between old, worn pins and their newly recoated pins, and also how the pins glow under ultra violet light like they would in a bowling alley. 

Re-Co Pin is a professional bowling pin recoating service designed to save money by extending the life of old pins.

Re-Co Pin is a trading division of Fotolec Technologies Ltd


Norfolk product photography case study
Commercial photography of lorry cabs in Suffolk
Commercial photography of lorry cabs in Suffolk

Lets get creative...This photo was taken with daylight, see alternative image below.

Commercial photography of lorry cabs in Suffolk
Commercial photography of lorry cabs in Suffolk

Stand out from the crowd...This photo taken with portable strobe lighting and is made up of six exposures edited together.

Ipswich commercial photography of lorry cabs with strobe lighting

Clothing and garments photographed as a ghost mannequin for website, catalogue and brochures. Please telephone to discuss your layouts.

Ipswich commercial photography of lorry cabs with strobe lighting

Keith Mindham Photography 30 years experience.

Have your products cut out to make them scaleable and transparent when designing your website, advertising and published media. Pure white, no jagged edges ideal for clean looking product websites or transparent cut outs when you want to overlay images on top of each other.

From micro products to heavy industry, company reports, packshots, and product cut outs, commercial, industrial and advertising photography requires technical ability, creative lighting, understanding clients needs and of course attention to detail which is paramount in Keith's work ethic.

To showcase your products and services to customers and investors for annual reports, corporate identity, media case studies, brochures and website images telephone Keith to discuss your project or for a detailed quotation. 01842 763158

Keith's top tips. Forward planning your commercial photography shoot is essential, it will create more impact, greater efficiency and probably save you money too. Have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve, know the layout and design required for your advertising media, arrange props well in advance of the shoot and if your company uses an advertising agency get them to discuss the shoot with Keith so he can offer advice on lighting, background, location etc.

Keith is a commercial, packshot and product photographer serving clients in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire with a photography studio at Thetford. Most of his commercial photography assignments are around Norwich, Ipswich, Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds areas.

Commercial and Product Photography


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